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San Ysidro Health Welcomes Our New Patients

San Ysidro Health is dedicated to providing high quality, accessible and affordable medical, dental and behavioral health services. Our patients are at the center of our care.

Please allow us to introduce members of our staff & support team, as well as several of our wonderful patients. You will notice their shared stories and photographs throughout the website.

We also invite you to review our Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary of Terms.

To schedule an appointment or to pre-register and allow us to become your provider of choice, please call 619.662.4100

We have assembled a collection of frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed in this section, feel free to contact our Call Center by dialing 619.662.4100

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We hope you find our Glossary of Terms helpful as you navigate through our website.

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Pre-Registration Form
Please download & complete the pre-registration form, below, and bring with you to one of our clinics in order to be fully registered.

Also, please bring the following:

    • Driver’s License or valid Passaport, birth certificate, or other valid photo identification (If the address on your ID card or driver’s license is not current you will need to provide current utility bill, rental agreement or bank statement which has your current address).
    • Social Security Card, if applicable (social security numbers)
    • Insurance I.D. card(s) showing group & policy number, if applicable
    • Medicare and / or Medi-cal card(s), if applicable
    • Employer information:  name, address and telephone number

If you do not have medical insurance coverage and would like to apply for our San Ysidro Health Sliding Scale Fee Discount Program, please also bring the following:

  • Pay check stub ( at least one; must be recent ) for all family members which are employed, or the previous year’s income tax return(s)
  • If unemployed, please bring proof of unemployment and / or proof of any other income

*Note:  San Ysidro Health’s discount program is available to all patients with or without insurance coverage at the time of their application. Please see one of Certified Eligibility Specialist / CES or Patient Access Representatives for full details of various discount programs, federal & state assistance programs, accepted insurance plans, photo identification requirements, registration assistance for minors (patients under 18 years old), English / Español bilingual assistance, sign language & foreign language interpreters, and more.

Pre-Registration Form


A Patient’s Story

A courageous San Ysidro Health breast cancer survivor tells her story, in her own words…

“I had been a patient at the San Ysidro Health’s Otay Family Health Clinic for several years, and would regularly receive my pap smears and mammograms there.  In December of 2009, during my breast self-exam, I found a lump in my right breast.  After a month, I decided to make an appointment at the health center and they were helpful in being able to schedule it right away.  The doctor sent me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound, right away.

“Once the results came in, I was sent for a biopsy. Finally, they gave me the results… I had cancer. The doctor was more worried than I was, at the time.  Later that day, I met with my patient navigator, Maria Elena Meza.  She explained how she was going to help me, gave me all the information I needed and, even, helped me fill out some forms.  She was very helpful, because I was so confused and scared that I did not know where to start.  She also referred me to the support group for cancer survivors, where they helped me and explained everything about what I was going to go through — including the possible effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

“The support group became my ‘safe place’ within the next 10 months of treatment.  If I had any questions or needed any help, I knew that I could turn to Maria Elena Meza and Sarita Fainstein, our support group facilitator.  They were my support.  So, here I am, cancer free for almost three years!”

Olga C.
San Diego


A Patient’s Story

Gabriel is an adorable four year old boy living with serious medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.  For these reasons, he needs specialty medical appointments, multiple follow-ups and unique therapeutic services.  In 2011, Gabriel’s family decided to seek medical care at San Ysidro Health Center.  Fortunately for the family, they were able to find a number of caring staff members within our clinics who were concerned for Gabriel’s development and overall health.

San Ysidro Health’s wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Theodora Nelson, was able to promptly start referrals to multiple specialists.  She also referred Gabriel to our health center’s Pediatric Care Coordinator (PCC), Michelle Favela, to assist his family in connecting with all of the services he and his family would need, both, medical and non-medical.  The PCC worked closely with Gabriel’s mother, his pediatrician and the health center’s Developmental-Behavioral Specialist, who was also involved in his care.  Soon after these introductions were made, Gabriel was able to start receiving specialty care and was also accepted into various therapeutic programs to assist with his language and motor skills.

Currently, Gabriel is a pre-school student and has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which allows him to receive certain special education services.  He has also been able to qualify for participation in the curriculum at The San Diego Regional Center, to receive therapeutic services through California Children’s Services (CCS) and attends ongoing follow-up visits with multiple specialists at Children’s Hospital.

Many outstanding accomplishments have been possible with San Ysidro Health’s Care Coordination Program, a team approach utilizing effective communication between multiple service providers. Gabriel is now a much healthier child, receiving all of the medical and therapeutic services he needs. His family is extremely grateful for the generous amounts of help and guidance which they have received at San Ysidro Health Center.

San Diego

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