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To protect the privacy of all of our patients, if access is requested for any dependents/care managers to your portal account, it is required for you and the requested dependents/care managers to be present in the health center at the time of enrollment.  Enrollment for patient’s ages 0-17 and conservators of adult patients must be completed in person at one of our clinic locations.  If you are interested in signing up please let us know during your next visit.

San Ysidro Patient Portal is a secure place that gives registered users access to online health care information. This system is paperless and patient information will be accessible via the portal. If a paper document is required or you wish to delete your patient portal account, please contact 619-662-4100.

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What is San Ysidro Health Patient Portal?

With San Ysidro Health Patient Portal, you can view your health information online and electronically communicate with your Care Team. Additional benefits of the portal are listed below:

  • Access and request personal or general information.
  • Easy access to service balance and payment online.
  • Send messages to your doctor and/or care team.
  • Patient education materials.
  • Request medication refills.
  • Receive messages or documents from your doctor or care team. These may include lab results, radiology results, referrals, letters and patient plans.
  • No health information is sent via email. When a message is sent from the doctor’s office, you receive an email stating you have a new message from San Ysidro Health and are directed to log in to San Ysidro Health Patient Portal to review.
  • Available for download NextGen Patient Portal Healthcare APP for smartphone and/or tablet.

*** If this is a medical emergency call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency care through this website.

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