TVs donated to San Ysidro dental group

By Tawny Maya McCray
FEB. 15, 2012
U-T San Diego

A dental group in Chula Vista has donated six flat-screen televisions to the dental facility at San Ysidro Health Center.

Members of The Super Dentists, a group specializing in orthodontic and pediatric care for children, teens and adults, said the gift helped support San Ysidro Health Center’s mission to provide low cost, high quality, comprehensive primary care services to low income families. And it will help make going to the dentist a more enjoyable experience for kids, they say.

The dentists say they hoped to provide patients with a more relaxing and stress-free environment as they await dental appointments.

Perla Johnson, whose daughter is a patient at the health center’s dental clinic, said the TVs have made a marked difference in her child’s experience.

“I have brought my daughter once before to see the dentist a couple of months ago, it was stressful and a difficult situation for her,” Johnson said after a recent visit. “This time the experience was so much different. She did not cry or move at all. The difference the TV monitor made was so impressive.”

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