Flu / Vaccination

Flu vaccine is available to everyone 6 month and older.

San Ysidro Health has made booking your FLU vaccination appointment easy and convenient.  We are offering a verity of options to schedule your FLU vaccine appointment this year:

  1. You may schedule your flu vaccine appointment online by visiting our San Ysidro Health website at SYHC.org and selecting FLU and COVID-19 appointment at the top of our web page.
  2. You can also text us at 619-662-4100 using the word “FLU” to receive a text link to self-schedule your flu vaccine using our patient self-scheduling option or have your FLU appointment booked through text.
  3. You can call the call center at 619-662-4100 and a call center representative can assist you with scheduling.

Let’s all do our part to protect ourselves, our family and our community from the flu!