Internal Medicine Residency Program

San Ysidro Health – Internal Medicine Residency Program


San Ysidro health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) whose mission is to provide high-quality health care to the underserved populations of San Diego and San Diego County.  With twenty-seven free standing clinic sites in Medically Underserved Areas (MUA) San Ysidro Health has spent over 50 years offering care for the community. We focus on reaching immigrants, refugees, the poor, the uninsured, the elderly and those living with HIV/AIDS.  Our commitment is to provide “excellence in health care for all”.  Our goal is to train a new class of Internists who will stay in the community and provide ongoing continuity care complementing our Hospitalists and Internal Medicine Subspecialties.


San Ysidro Health’s Internal Medicine residency program has two main goals. First is providing graduate education in the specialty of Internal Medicine to complement our current Scripps Family Medicine partners.  Second will be training future Internists to serve the ongoing medical needs and challenges faced in providing accessible and quality health care to all populations.  San Ysidro Health will achieve these goals through a unique program that incorporates evidence based practice within the primary care setting.  Based on a Patient Centered Medical Home Model (PCMH) of quality medical care our Internal Medicine Residency program will incorporate outpatient continuity clinic rotations within the traditional Hospitalist training program.  Residents will have ample opportunities to participate in ongoing public health research available in the clinic setting as well as to take on or participate in community, hospital, or clinic quality improvement projects of their own.


We would like to welcome you to our San Ysidro Internal Medicine Program.  We are initiating a unique program that will provide an excellent education to physicians while providing care for the most vulnerable patients in our community.  We hope to develop caring physicians that will serve these types of communities in the future and hope that you can join us in this endeavor.  Our program offers broad-based medical education training in a community setting with diverse patient populations while having the opportunity to be exposed to the teaching format of Scripps Mercy Chula Vista and San Diego Hospitals.  We hope to attract a unique group of student physicians who are committed to this cause.  We also look to prepare a future generation of physicians who are not only altruistic but who will also become leaders in the physician community and deal with the changes in healthcare in the 21st-century, advocating for these vulnerable populations.

  • Internal Medicine Residency Program at San Ysidro Health
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program at San Ysidro Health
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program at San Ysidro Health
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program at San Ysidro Health
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program at San Ysidro Health


The San Ysidro Health Internal Medicine program works closely with Scripps Mercy Chula Vista and San Diego Hospitals under the leadership of Dr. Dalia Strauser.  Dr. Strauser has started five hospitalist programs within San Diego and El Centro.  She has been actively involved in the Scripps Mercy San Diego Internal Medicine Residency Program for over twenty four years and brings a wealth of insight and structure to our IM training program.  Although the primary goal is to have our graduates stay in community practice, the medical educational experiences our trainees receive will follow in steadfast future careers if they choose to become Hospitalists or advance their training into subspecialty IM fellowships.

The San Diego area itself is sought after for its recreational opportunities. From surfing to backpacking and skiing.  San Diego has it all no matter what interests you.  Our Internal Medicine faculty are devoted to teaching and offer one on one mentoring over the three year IM Program.  There is a strong emphasis on scholarship with twelve+ hours per week of lectures and didactic presentations to prepare our graduates for IM Board Certification.  Scholarship includes monthly Grand Rounds and Morbidity and Mortality (M&M)  along with four daily Afternoon Conferences Monday through Thursday with our Scripps Mercy Hospital partners.  For now we have two hours per week of Morning Report, (case presentations by the residents) which will increase to four a week as our IM Program expands. We offer two hours for Journal Club three times a month, with an evidenced based approach supervised by our Director of IM Research Dr. Jennifer Poast.  Finally, we have four hours of peer/group didactics every Friday which include lectures presented by subspecialists within the community and includes IM board study along with Diversity, Risk Mitigation and Quality improvement.   As a new program we have the unique opportunity to afford individual curriculum choices and work closely with our current residents to ensure their well being and future success in their careers.

We have a competitive salary structure and provide personal laptops and cell phones along with covering the ACP (American College of Physicians) yearly membership. In addition to providing  ACLS and BLS training along with the STEP 3, we also provide a meal stipend and include a 600.00/year educational allotment.  This year we also covered, for each incoming IM Resident, the current MedStudy, MIKSAP, and their choice of either TrueLearn or UWorld as study materials in preparation for their Step 3 exams.

The Ambulatory/Continuity rotations is housed at our main site the San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) along with additional site rotations at our east county Chaldean and Middle-Eastern  Social Services (CMSS), Senior Health Center and PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) in Chula Vista, balancing our mission to emphasize IM training in diverse primary care outpatient populations.  The rotation schedule includes four ambulatory care months per year where the resident will have continuity clinic for the majority of the day, along with subspecialty clinics in Rheumatology, Pain and Addiction.  One half day is spent on developing their analytical skills in research development.  There are two elective rotations which can be tailored to the individual needs of the residents.  They can include a combination of outpatient subspecialties or can have additional Critical Care/ICU rotations within the  hospital.  The current inpatient hospital rotations which are based at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista include Cardiology, Nephrology, Infectious Disease, Palliative Medicine, Pulmonary, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, and Neurology with Hematology/Oncology through the San Diego  M.D. Anderson cancer institution with inpatient services on the  Scripps Mercy San Diego Hospital campus.


Today’s practice of medicine requires physicians to keep up to date on an ever-changing field of information, technologies, and standards of quality care in their chosen discipline.  An excellent physician becomes a life-long learner.  San Ysidro Health has a health promotion and community outreach department whose mission is to create and utilize translational research to benefit their truly diverse population of patients.  San Ysidro Health has partnerships with several teaching organizations for both the designing both the research and the implementation of the findings of this translational research.

The San Ysidro Health Internal Medicine Residency Program is committed to giving our residents the tools they will need to understand, use and perform quality improvement or clinical research using evidence based medicine strategies. Each resident creates, analyzes, and reports a quality improvement or research project of their own design with a faculty mentor.  Throughout the 3-year program, we will teach the basics on research methods, medical statistics and evidence-based medicine principles using didactic lectures, journal club and the research project itself.

BENEFITS: For more San Ysidro Internal Medicine Residency Information download our information sheet: San Ysidro Internal Medicine Residency Fact Sheet.pdf

Applications will be reviewed up until November 30th, 2021 and will focus on:

  • General academic performance
  • Research development
  • Clinical performance (particularly in internal medicine and related rotations)
  • Minimum of three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal biography addressing qualities and achievements that make you a fit in our community-based program

Interview dates: November 15th through December 23th,2021.

Visit the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to apply for our San Ysidro Health Internal Medicine Residency Program for 2021-2022.

Questions? Contact Kelly Barrios at or call (619) 662-4100 ext 3272.

Application Requirements:

Applicants must have finished medical school preferably within 3 years, or have continued clinical involvement during a post-graduate period over no more than 6 years.  In order to complete your file, we require.
  1. Your Dean’s letter
  2. Your medical school transcript
  3. Your USMLE Step 1-3/National Board scores, Step I and Step II (Step II if available, however, it is not mandatory for application review).  Please note that we do accept COMLEX in lieu of USMLE
  4. Three separate letters of recommendation from the following individuals:
    1. The Department Chairman in Medicine (or his/her designee)
    2. An internal medicine faculty member
    3. A faculty member of your choice