Social Services Department

Social Services Department

Social Work

Our Mission

The primary mission of Social Work practice is to enhance human well-being and help meet basic human needs with special attention to people and communities who are vulnerable, oppressed, and/or living in poverty.

Social Services is composed of the following departments:

  • Social Work
  • Patient Navigation
  • Family Resource Center
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

SYHealth Social Workers can assist with conducting the following:

  • Psychosocial Assessments
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)
  • Community Information Exchange (CIE)
  • Internal and External (Community) Referrals
  • Collaboration and support with other interdisciplinary teams


  • Temporary disability assistance and State Disability Insurance (SDI)
  • Access to Federal (SSA) and State/County benefits
  • Employment Development Department (EDD) assistance
  • Food, housing, and emergency assistance shelter resources
  • In-home support services
  • Caregiver support and resources
  • Transportation coordination and resources
  • California Lifeline assistance (energy bills and phone bills)
  • Housing/Emergency Shelter Resources

And other resources based on the needs of the patient and their family.

Who do we serve?

We assist SYHealth patients, their families and clients in the community.

There’s no cost to schedule an appointment with a Social worker.


How can I set up a Social Work appointment?

You can ask your provider during your visit, to refer you  to a social worker.


You can call:

The Social Services Department

Our trained Patient Navigators can assist you in scheduling an appointment.
Appointments can be held In-Person or by phone.


Downloadable / Printable Material

Social Services Brochure PDF
English   |   Vietnamese   |   Arabic

Family Resource Center Brochure PDF
English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese

Patient Assistance Program Flyer
English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese   |   Tagalog   |   Arabic

Patient Navigation Flyer
English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese

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